I organize classic car shows

I organize classic car shows

The definitive guide to what’s on

If you have ever tried searching online for a classic car show you will know how hard it is to see what’s on because of the massive number of irrelevant results.

Every event looks the same, whether it has two thousand cars or ten.

As an avid (my wife would say tragic) attendee of classic cars shows, this site was originally conceived to make my life easier.

As the project progressed it became clear that making it easier for attendees to find shows would make it easier for organizers to promote their events.

The goal of this site is to be the definitive destination for all classic and vintage car based events.

Boost attendance

Your event will be easier to discover hence boosting visitor numbers.

What does it cost?

It is free, we cover our costs through the advertising on the site (coming soon).

How do I get my event listed?

  1. Register (free).
  2. Enter your event details in the portal
  3. We verify the quality of all submitted events before they go live


The site is all about making it easier to get news about your events to a very targeted audience, if you have any thought that may help us do this better we’d love to hear them. Please visit our feedback page.

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